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      • YACT: Odd brake noise after car has been sitting for a while ... Each day it has been a less amount of time before it stops. ... the grinding noise was brake caliper rubbing on the discs. The ...
      • 1. A sound like a coin in a clothes dryer. What it means: If you hear something rattling around inside a wheel at low speeds (and then stops as you drive faster) it could be a loose lug nut inside a hub cap.
      • Some 2015-2017 Edge and 2016-2017 MKX vehicles built on or before 15-Apr-2017 and 2017 Continental vehicles built on or before 19-Oct-2016 may exhibit a rattle noise from the underbody of the vehicle while moving. This may be due to the movement of loose floor pan underbody shield fasteners which are attached to the underbody shields.
    • Ive seen a few posts on this forum while searching Google regarding a rattling sound when at an idle and thought I could lend a hand. I've seen a couple that described my noise to a tee. Park, neutral, drive, at idle only and stops as soon as you give it any gas. Sounds like its coming from...
      • Aug 23, 2016 · We deal with a variety of noise related concerns that can come rolling in to the garage. This Dodge Dart was no exception as an odd rattle was clearly evident from the front of the vehicle ...
      • The other day i took the my 2006 r1200gs up the street and back. Bike did just fine. I have 14000 miles on it. i didn't wear a helmet just for going to the end of the block and back. but i noticed a little rattling sound when i was turning around.
      • After leaving car overnight, when the car is first started up it makes a loudish rattling noise from the bonnet that lasts about 1 second. Never makes any noise any other time at all and drives absolutely fine. Any ideas? Cheers
      • Aug 30, 2013 · Ensure the anti rattle clips/springs are attached to the brake pad or it will rattle. Some cheap pads do not vome with these clips/springs. ... How do fix the rattle noise on the rear brake pads ...
      • Jun 15, 2010 · The noise youa re hearing is made when the rotor contacts a brake pad during rotation. This results in a vibration from the brake pad that is the source of the noise. The noise stops when the brakes are applied because this clamps the pad tightly against the rotor, dampening the vibration.
      • Nov 30, 2016 · I have a 04 NIssan Sentra, It been making a clicking sound when I hit the brakes. This issue happens a high percentage of the times when the car is moving one direction then stops and goes the other way, then once the brakes gets pressed slightly I get a click. It’s coming from the front end of the car, in the wheel well and it’s always just one click from one side of the car, but ...
      • The noise sounds like a tapping or rattling sound that begins when the engine is started and the car is not moving. It stops instantly when the engine is turned off. At speed, the sound either goes away or is masked by road noise.
      • Determine if the brake noise is constant or only audible when the brakes are applied. Identify if the noise has always been there or has slowly developed over time. Consider if the noise started suddenly and, if so, whether it was after a brake servicing. Determine the type of noise, such as squealing, grinding or thumping.
      • 1999 F150 when i press the gas i can hear a rattling noise. cant tell if it's from the engine or under the vehicle. doesnt do it when i hit the gas in park.
      • Jan 04, 2009 · It doesnt happen every time, but close to... when taking off from a stop i get a clunk noise from the rear end. It feels like it is loose or something is moving or shifting. Has anyone experienced the same thing, and what is the problem / cost to fix.
    • The 2010+ Prius has a similar noise, sometimes described as a buzz. For all Toyota Prius, these noises don’t indicate a malfunction with the brake system, but are rather small amounts of air stuck in a high pressure accumulator (2004-2009) or are due to the actuating behavior of the accumulator (2010+).
      • The vehicle exhibited a loud grinding noise and the abs and brake warning indicators began to illuminate. The brake was applied repeatedly and then the vehicle rolled to a complete stop. The contact was able to resume in operation. The failure occurred whenever the brake pedal was depressed and driving at low speeds.
      • My '98 NSX (Koni, Zanardi Springs, Comptech Braces) would make a metallic clicking noise when going over bumps. Not terribly loud with the windows up, but definitely audiable, especially with the windows down.
      • Aug 30, 2019 · The rattle can't be felt though the steering wheel but its pretty loud. Also I noticed when backing into my parking spot at work that when braking to a stop then baking up, as soon as I brake I hear a clunk definitely coming from the front brakes. My car has a little over 11000 miles, any Ideas of what this could be?
      • Have a rattling noise coming from my rear end (not that rear end!) when I drive over bumps. Not really a squeaking noisy, sounds like I've got some empty beer cans in the bed that are rattling around. Not the case though. I have nothing in the bed of my truck. Already had it to the dealer, but as is ALWAYS the case they couldn't replicate the ...
      • 2008 dodge grand caravan rattle noise when driving over bumps. stops when brakes are applied When i drive over pot holes or on a dirt road there is a rattling noise from the front end of the vehicle. sounds like it is the brake pads vibrating. when i apply the brakes the noise stops. had the brakes checked and was told they are fine. what else ...
      • Learn which car noises should have you headed to your mechanic as soon as possible and which noises are less than urgent. Sound #1: The Squeal of a Banshee When You Brake. What you hear: A high pitched squealing coming from your tires when you step on the brake pedal. What’s happening: The brake pad indicator is rubbing up against the rotor.
    • The brake anti-rattle clip helps secure the brake pad to dampen unwanted vibrations and noise. Commonly made of metal, these clips can weaken over time due to the heating and cooling cycles of the brakes. This can cause pad movement, uneven pad wear, and brake noise. It is important to replace any brake pad hardware when replacing the brake pads.
      • Mar 07, 2013 · Right guys when i was braking at slow speeds and coming to a stop the car was making a loud knocking noise from the left front wheel. Now I have had the discs and pads renewed at the advice of 2 different garages to try and resolve the problem (that hasn't worked) Any ideas? The noise only...
      • Have a rattling noise coming from my rear end (not that rear end!) when I drive over bumps. Not really a squeaking noisy, sounds like I've got some empty beer cans in the bed that are rattling around. Not the case though. I have nothing in the bed of my truck. Already had it to the dealer, but as is ALWAYS the case they couldn't replicate the ...
      • Feb 13, 2011 · I have a 2010 Silverado. There's been some rattling sound coming from the front of the truck. Used to be it would just rattle for a while when I started out cold, but now it's doing it the whole time while driving. Anyway, I just wondered if anyone else had a similar problem so I know what to look for.
      • Yeah, i've just started noticing a vibration related rattle/noise when sitting at a stop light, in gear. If i bump it to neutral the noise stops. I think this is in the front cowling area. I need to do some more investigation to pin point it.
      • Mar 14, 2019 · Many brake pad compositions will make a swishing or grinding noise for the first few stops in the morning until the pads warm up and drive off any moisture they've accumulated overnight.
      • Hi there, I have a 2015 Chevy Malibu 2.5L with just about 107,700 miles on it. Lately I have heard a clinking / clicking sound when I have my foot pressed on the brake. Most of the time it’s when I’m on an incline and I sometimes hear it or feel it with my foot clicking like it’s confused. Most...
    • Aug 30, 2013 · Ensure the anti rattle clips/springs are attached to the brake pad or it will rattle. Some cheap pads do not vome with these clips/springs. ... How do fix the rattle noise on the rear brake pads ...
      • After driving for 50 miles with the aftermarket brake pads, I noticed my brakes were getting louder during the initial drive (first few mins); however, the noise goes away after driving for few mins. I didn't want to go back to the OEM pads due to the brake dust, so I was looking for a solution to keep the aftermarket brake pads.
      • I have started to notice a rumbling and groaning sound from the front of the car. It is most noticeable at speeds under 15 mph and when making turns and accelerating. Also if you are driving straight and go through a significant dip or mound that makes the front suspension move up or down the groaning sound is present.
      • Jul 03, 2011 · You may just need a shim on the outside of the pad to make it fit more snugly and stop it rattling in the caliper. i just bought some better quality pads and fitted them et voila noise was gone. Audi S3 8L BAM 225 2002 - Ming Blue : Silver Heated Leather, Armrest, RNS-E - Bose, Alloy Mirrors, 18" RSTT`s, Sunroof, Cruise, AutoDim Mirror & Usual ...
      • Jan 22, 2015 · Corvette: The Ultimate Rattling Noise Guide Isolating the cause of rattles can be the difference between an enjoyable Sunday drive and your worst on-road nightmare. With the right techniques and tips, it's something that you can handle without making a trip to the dealership.
      • Oct 16, 2014 · Some rattles can be easily worked out by putting pressure on a part to see if it stops. For example, put pressure on the CVT cover and see if the rattle ceases.
      • Clunk, Rattle, or Knocking Noise from Rear Brake Caliper A Nissan® Maxima® or Sentra® owner may complain of a clunk, knock, or rattle noise from the rear of the vehicle while driving on rough road surfaces or over harsh bumps. The noise may be caused by the brake pads moving in the brake caliper housing.
      • Home >> Featured Tech Articles >> Go Back: Stopping Front Brake Rattle With GM® Caliper Kits. By Rich Diegle, Automotive Editor. Owners of several General Motors vehicles may experience a rattling noise coming from the front of their vehicles.
      • Aug 30, 2019 · The rattle can't be felt though the steering wheel but its pretty loud. Also I noticed when backing into my parking spot at work that when braking to a stop then baking up, as soon as I brake I hear a clunk definitely coming from the front brakes. My car has a little over 11000 miles, any Ideas of what this could be?
    • Hey . Antonio here . Im in delaware too. I bought mine back in july i think up in new castle, i can hear that noise, hard to describe, is coming from the front , ill say under the hood, maybe suspension noise, is like a pice of plastic rubbing against a piece of metal , it does it at slow speeds, and when getting close to a full stop.
      • The clunks/rattles have severely been reduced, but they're still present, mostly at slow speeds over pavement cracks and potholes. Next thing I'm going to do is check all the brake components on the front end, and then look at how to tighten up my hood latch. Seems to rattle a bit going over bumps.
      • I read your post yesterday and tried that on my way into work this a.m. (5:00 am) and my rattle didn't stop. What type of sound does your rattle make? The rattle in my car sounds like a clip or screw has come loose and has fallen somewhere in the behind the door panel or maybe even the dash.
      • Sep 06, 2019 · • Rattling from under your car– This can be caused by loose parts such as your exhaust system. • Squealing wheels while braking– Causes range from small, such as dirt on the brake pads or rotors, to serious, such as worn pads. Brake noises are safety issues and require immediate attention.
      • Feb 23, 2020 · How to Fix Noisy Brakes. Few problems are more annoying than noisy brakes. Even if the brake pads are not worn and the noise isn't being caused by damage, that nails-on-the-chalkboard squeal at every stoplight can fry a person's nerves.
    • Subject: Rear brake noise IP: Logged Message: Hello all, I hope someone here can help. I have a 2001 CC, V6, 5-speed Dakota. It has 64,000 miles on it. It's been a great truck but there is a strange squeal, screech type noise when I come to a stop and take my foot off the brake pedal. The noise is definitely coming from the rear (drum) brakes.
      • I've was having a noise similar to previously described on acceleration that was resolved. I have a 2010 tacoma 4 cyl manual transmission. When I began to accelerate through the first two or three gears there was a rattle that seemed to come from the engine compartment on the passenger side.
      • Dec 09, 2019 · However, what is important is to identify the problems before these become serious. So, find out the causes of brake noises and take the car to the repair shop if necessary. 1. Worn-out Brake Pads. Worn-out brake pads are one of the reason making grinding noise when braking. If your brake pads are used for quite a long time, the backing plates ...
      • I have a 2019 CRV EXL Not experiencing the same noise, however my noise comes from I think the lower dash area when applying the brake a very slow speed and when vehicle comes to a stop. The noise sounds just like a marble is rolling around on plastic???? Does anyone have the same problem?
      • Last year I've got the crack in the oil line from the tank, and there was the noise. So, I'm familiar with the tensioner rattling) The noise I here now is a bit quiet and low. Checked the oil pressure when the engine starts and runs - all in specs. Idiot light is off. My main question is: why the rattle stops if the engine is restarted? WTF?
      • Nov 20, 2013 · Thanks for helping out. I have a 2005 Tahoe that is making a slight grinding or scraping noise intermittently while braking at slow speeds and only during the last second or two before the vehicle actually stops. I also can feel a bit of a flutter or shudder in the brake pedal with the noise, and it all stops if I let off the pedal so it appears to definitely

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Nov 06, 2014 · you can stop fans with your finger (for a short time) to see which ones are making noise could also be the hdd if its going bad Its an old computer with newer parts. The only old parts on the system are the case, dvd drive, mobo and cpu. Re-positioned my cables and the computer is still making that rattling noise. Fans seem un-damaged. sounds like the brake pads are rattling,one of the anti-rattle springs on the brake pad may be gone or damaged. The brake caliper may have a loose boltor the caliper sliped may be worn and have excessive play. It has to be in the caliper if the noise disappears when the brakes are applied.

The motor is a 2004 Yamaha 40tlrc that has about 15 hours of use. If you listen carefully you can hear a rattle noise as soon as it put into gear (forward or reverse) and as soon as you get off idle the rattle stops. It doesn't rattle in neutral. Noise seems to be coming in the area between the lower unit and power head. Aug 21, 2019 · On high-mileage vehicles, piston and cylinder wear may be so great that the piston no longer fits correctly. When the engine is cold, the piston may produce a rattling sound. The noise typically goes away once the engine reaches operating temperature and the piston expands.

So in the end they said they are just cheap brake pads and they would need to do a brake job to make the noise stop. Normally it costs $290, but for me since I had to bring it back so many times they would do it for $200. What a deal.

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You probably know how your vehicle sounds when it’s running properly. Listening to your car can help you troubleshoot problems. If you hear a strange sound, pay attention and react accordingly. You hear a high-pitched squeal that stops when you shut off your engine: Readjust or replace the belt. These belts should have about half … Aug 02, 2014 · Ive been having this issue for a little while now. Intermittently when braking slowly & coming to a stop at junctions etc I get a rubbing type noise & you can keep it vibrating through the brake pedal as though ABS kicking in. Only happens when generally coming to a stop slowly so dont kn... Jul 19, 2006 · I've got a Peugot 306, T reg. When I start up and put the clutch down, the engine makes a dodgy rattling noise which sounds like something serious about to break. If I apply a few revs, it stops, but as soon as the revs go down again, it starts rattling again. These are typically included in the "disc brake hardware kit" sold by the major auto-parts sites. The symptoms i had were that the front brakes emitted a loud "chatter" or "rattle" kind of noise when driving over bumps. The noise would go away when pushing the brake pedal enough to engage the disc brakes, even when riding over bumps.

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Not all class C's rattle. We tested one that had many noises even coasting at 25 MPH. We tested and bought a 1995 Winnie Minnie 300 21', E350 chassis. Drove from Pacific to Atlantic and back. The unloaded RV is quiet. The loaded for travel RV can be quiet. Some noise makers are obvious, silverware, etc. Some problems not so obvious. .

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Apr 15, 2013 · right guys the noise sounds like its coming from the rear wheels/brakes, but i have just done the rear brakes, repleaced with brand new pads ! when i drive down the road and drive over rough surface, i get a rattle noise coming from what i belive to be the wheels/brakes, the sound from inside the car Every heart japanese
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